Revaluation or Reappraisal (2015)

Current Appraisal: Tax year 2015 payable in 2016. (Last Triennial Update: 2012 Last Reappraisal: 2009)

Revaluation or reappraisal is an update of all real property assessments in the county. It involves the physical visitation to each parcel of real property located with the county and gathering of data so that an estimate of market value can be made. This process was completed by a professional reappraisal company that the County Auditor oversees. The revaluation's goal is equalizing property values and adjusting property values to meet current market conditions.

Market value, or true value, is defined in the Ohio Administrative Code 5703-25-05 (A) (1) as: The fair market value or current market value of property.... is the price at which property should change hands on the open market between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell and both having a knowledge of all the relevant facts.

After the County Auditor has been ordered by the Ohio Tax Commissioner (through the Division of Tax Equalization) to perform a Revaluation, several kinds of statistical analysis of property values in the county are performed. The first step in the process is analyzing the arms-length sales that have taken place in the county during the last three years. This sales analysis illustrates the average percentage by which values in the county have increased or decreased during that period. Once the original sales analysis is complete, the County Auditor then runs statistical reports for the various neighborhoods throughout the county. The results indicate the neighborhoods in which values are increasing or decreasing at either a faster or slower rate than is average for the county.

Is Your Real Estate Property Value Accurate?

Some of the questions to consider are:

  • Would you sell your home for the current appraised value of the property?
  • Did we miss something when your home was reviewed that might change your valuation?

After tax bills have been mailed, the reappraisal team that performed this task will be available for informal reviews, at the County Auditor’s Office.

You can meet with the appraiser and correct any mistakes or raise any questions. Informal complaints will be considered and adjustments made, if warranted.

If after an informal review, you believe the value we have for your property is inaccurate you can file a complaint with the Board of Revision. Based on the evidence presented, the Board can raise or lower a value or leave it unchanged.

2015 Property Values:

The 2015 Property Values records are available for public inspection. Ohio Law requires all properties to be appraised once every six years in order for the taxes to be shared fairly and equitably among all citizens. Your property values are on the Valuation Tab. The following steps will assist you in finding your tentative property value:

  • Click Search then Owner Tab (Enter Name)
  • Click on appropriate parcel number
  • Click on Valuation Tab