GIS Parcel Project (2016)

The Guernsey County Commissioners have signed a resolution for an Invitation to Bid on a GIS Parcel Project for Guernsey County, Ohio.

Guernsey County is interested in procuring the services of a professional GIS services company to create an accurate GIS cadastral map of the entire county in an ESRI geodatabase format. This GIS cadastral map will be the foundation of an enterprise GIS project. The GIS cadastral map is to be constructed using the ESRI Local Government Information Model including the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric solution.

This system is expected to have wide utilization throughout the County. The County expects to use the system to organize property related data from a variety of sources and make it more accessible to users throughout the County and partnering entities.

Complete details about this project can be found on the Guernsey County GIS website.